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Wore my new skirt/top set for my b’day lunch at nana’s ^-^

kriegsnebel asked: it makes me smile about how happy you are when people compliment you. you are an incredible person and happy birthday!

Aw this was so nice to read! I always appreciate anyone’s compliment, it means a lot to me :-) Thank-you!



Happy b’day to me xoxo.

Happy birthday to this absolutely amazing and beautiful girl. I love you!

Ahhh how I wish I could be spending this day with you! I love you so much ♡

hellwitch616 said: Have you had the same haircut all your life ?!?! Goddamn so cute!

Hahahah pretty much! It’s the only cut I can get away with.

spapkins said: Have a wonderful birthday!!

Thank-you miss! :-)

 voleir said: So cute!!!


Happy b’day to me xoxo.


when people are very very nice to you and make you feel good about yourself



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I’m just going to play sims now until I fall asleep.